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A Perfect Combination of LIGHTLINK LED Display and AR Technology

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Recently, on the spot of the 13th anniversary of the Dragon TV shopping channel for its launch, the TV program team applied the AR technology to live television for the first time, combined with LIGHTLINK LED display (mainly used in the studio back wall and the ground), perfect show the creativity of the production staff and bring the immersive shopping experience for the audience. The final receipt of turnover for one single program exceeded 50 million. What a great success!

New Type of Shopping —— AR Shopping

AR shopping is to combine the virtual image with the real scene and environment in the real world, so that consumers can be more easily get the "personally experience", which shows intuitive and convenient, and also can stimulate the consumer desire of a lot of consumer indirectly. AR technology establish an invisible bond between the screen and the user, help the dull goods become vivid and touchable. Through it, consumers can almost have the first-hand interactive experience of goods in any place, meet the requirement of customers to have the truly feeling of goods in the virtual space, enhance fun and interactive experience of shopping. Of course, let the "chopping-hand party" go farther and farther on the shopping road.

The most dazzling application performance of the AR technology in this anniversary, lies in the car special session. During the anniversary, the program perfect fuse the virtual 3D animation and real studio LED display screen environment with the use of extensive camera motion parameter tracking technology and a full set of hardware positioning mode, creating a new visual effects.

(The car of the picture is showing through the AR technology)

"Good horse with a good saddle" good technology need a good display

As the saying goes, "good horse with a good saddle", in the TV shopping, avant-garde AR technology, of course, also need to match the performance of superior display to show the desired results. The Dragon TV shopping channel used products from LIGHTLINK CF series P3.9 (total 225 square meters) and LED dance tiles P6.25 (total 200 square meters).

(Picture shows the front view of the East shopping studio)

LIGHTLINK CF series shows its features with the high strength, ultra-light, ultra-thin, and special-shaped well in this project. OCJ 13th anniversary celebration lasted four days, each day from 8: 00-24: 00, a total of 128 hours live. According to the site staff feedback, even in such a high intensity of the work environment, LIGHTLINK LED display still show perfect pictures when working, no delay or smear phenomenon. Similarly, the performance of  LIGHTLINK display LED dance floor screen P6.25 also remarkable. Its exquisite appearance, standardized cabinet and  excellent processing technology, not only greatly improve the installation speed, but also with the super load capacity, which ensuring that the display is stable and reliable. The combination of these two kinds of LED display presents a variety of beautiful pictures and creativity of the program, brings the audience an unforgettable shopping experience.



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