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LIGHTLINK support 2017Budweiser storm electronic music festival and opening ceremony of Bodi Studio City

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The largest electronic music event in Greater China —— 2017 Budweiser Storm Electronic Music Festival was held in Shanghai international music village on 23th-24th Sep.


Some people may be still impressed by the festival last year.

Compared to last year, the current "storm" has better stage design and more excited lineup including Kygo, Chemical Brother and Marshmello.


The main stage looks like a large stereo. The laser stage light is sparkled with a powerful rhythm. And there are 3 LED screens which were provided by LIGHTLINK installed on each stage. They are LIGHTLINK CFC P8.928 and LR P4.8, total 400 square meters.  


The same day when the “storm” swept Shanghai, another sensational event in China's film and television industry was shown in Ningbo, which is also a big city on Yangtze River delta. That is the opening ceremony of Bodi Studio City.


It is understood that Boii Studio City is invested by the Bodi Group with 4 billion yuan. It aims to build a Chinese modern film and television studio base. It will also become an important window to show the Ningbo modern culture.


On the opening ceremony of Bodi Studio City, the <Yongcheng, Ports Leading to the world> which is the first show in the theme of maritime silk road will be auditioned in the golded hall. With the area of 10000 square meters and 1500 pieces of seats, the splendent and fationable golden hall can meet the needs of all types of perfomance. It is the tops modern and multifunctional grand theater. Juyi who is the grade-one national stage designer acts as the general designer. It is worth mentioning that all the LED screens on the stage were provided by LIGHTLINK. They are LR P4.8/P5.9 and CFC P8.928, total 1300square meters.


What the show <Yongcheng, Ports Leading to the world> expressed to world are including the simple folk customs of Ningbo, innovative products from LIGHTLINK, the construction vision of Maritime Silk Road and the China dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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