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LIGHTLINK support Huawei new products release meeting.

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20th Oct, 2017 14:30 Huawei held a new products release meeting at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The meeting mainly introduced three models to public: Mate10, Mate 10 Pro and Mate Poshche.


Besides, Huawei also published its total sales of mobile phones in the first three seasons in 2017. It shows that Huawei saled 112 million mobile phones. Compared with the same period last year, this number increased by 19%. The essence of HUAWEI's great development is the determination of Chinese enterprises to focus on enterprise innovation and product quality.


The quality and strength of made in China has also been strongly demonstrated at this meeting: the world first AI mobile phone processor chip, the OLED screen, EMUI8.0 the new intelligent operating system based on Android8.0 customization, and LIGHTLINK LED screen which showed all of these aboved to the audiences at the scene.


It is understood that the LED screens on the meeting stage were built by LIGHTLINK LR P3.9 total 850and LR-plus P4.8 LED dance floor total 750.


In recent years, with the increase of the number of talents, the accumulation of capital and the improvement of technical content of products, made in China gradually turned into created in China. Just like Huawei did, LIGHTLINK also got the great grades in the LED screen industry but we never stop the pace of innovation. CFC and CF series , the new products to be launched soon will become onther weather vane of the LED rental display industry. Let us look forward to.


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