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Finally I get you, my [CFC]

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Recently there is a word, active in major business news media, that is, "herd effect." The so-called "herding effect", also called a colony effect, is a phenomenon in which individuals' attitudes or behaviors change in a direction consistent with the majority due to the influence or pressure of groups.


Today "herd effect" has also appeared in the LED display market. Customers prefer to choose the famous brand. LED display industry chain related systems also showed this trend. While at this moment LIGHTLINK launched its new generation of carbon fiber series products which can be seen as opening an exclusive path in the field of LED rental display.  


LIGHTLINK new products orientation meeting was propose by Marketing Dept., aiming to make sure that all of the sales have a comprehensive understanding of this new product.

At the meeting, Marketing Manager Mr.Wang introduced each details of the new product including material, performance, applications and other aspects to every guest at the scene. At the same time, we also invited the chief designer Mr. Li to talk about the product development history. 


Every guest at the scene listened carefully to Wang and Li’s explanation and made notes.


Mr.Wang showed the module of new product to us.


Guests are talking about the new products.


Taking pictures in front of the photo board.


 LIGHTLINK new generation of carbon fiber series product is much better than the previous one. Its modeling, design concepts and performance got a great substantial leap and it is expected to become a new leasing LED display field.


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