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Lightlink 200㎡ rental led screen(LR-Pro series) interpret a new DJ chapter on Global TOP DJs in "Chizhovke Arena"

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Every stage can’t lack of it since led screen revolution started. And not long ago, there was a nine-hour electronic music marathon in "Chizhovke Arena" in Minsk, Belarus which applied Lightlink LR-Pro 5.9mm outdoor rental led screen.The total square meter is 200㎡.Obviously it’s a huge project while it didn’t take too long for its installation of such 5.9mm led screen as its fast lock and humanized detail design.

  Lightlink LR-Pro series is a high performance with competitive price which gathered Lightlink’s years of research and reformation, also the market testing in practise. Over 200,000㎡  of this product have been manufactured until now. And here it was spliced in 7 small pieces and suspended over the whole stage for the special effect and main images displaying. In fact it also can be spliced in a whole one if needed.Under the changeable and colorful images by its great refresh rate (≥3840Hz), this indoor arena which can allow 9,500 people boiled up on site. No doubt, Lightlink LR-Pro series screen played a much important role for the atmosphere on site. And here, I want to remind you that this is an outdoor rental led screen, while it is also suitable for such indoor events. That’s just Lightlink’s product biggest feature: Viewability & Versatility. Besides,this product series can also be customized to curved screen as your real needs.


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