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Lightlink 5.9mm carbon fiber led screen for Prince Harry & Meghan wedding

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Nothing can be much more front-page in this May in UK, that’s the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan.Almost 18 million people watched it,and making it the most watched event of 2018.While Lightlink CFC series 5.9mm led screen also offered a highlight stage for witnessing this grand royal wedding in Manchester.

Lightlink CFC series led screen applied the military-grade carbon fiber material with high precision and better flatness.And for a royal event, that’s just meet their high requirements for each thing even a led screen, also it can express how important the people take it as. Others, this high-end CFC led screen is great for such kind of grand&important live broadcasting as its high refresh rate which can up to 1920Hz.What the most important is, caber fiber frame makes it ultra-light (8kg ONLY/cabinet with size 500*1000mm) and durable if you considering its practical value and cost.It can be reused and operated easily with its modularized cabinet and fast lock.Besides, you can also take this outdoor led screen as indoor using.


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