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What shocked you is not only Mayday’s singing, also Lightlink rental led screen - MAYDAY 2018 LIFE TOUR concert in Singapore

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“Make the whole city full with Mayday’s singing.” Lau Ming of Mayday group shouted in their 2018 LIFE TOUR in Singapore. While at this amazing event and stage, what we should be impressed not only the Mayday’s singing, but also the whole stage’s design of genius. It applied Lightlink’s 3 kinds of rental led screens ONLY which can build 30 different kinds of stage transformations to meet the different song’s needs. And all of these are benefit from over 2400 led panels from Lighlink.

Highlight 1: Main led screen in the middle

Improved basic on Lightlink CFC(Carbon Fiber material ) led screen, this main screen can be divided into 5 horizontal strip led screens and moved up&down to regroup into new look. Of course it also can be as a whole one for showing. Lightlink CFC series is one of the best operated led screen as its lightweight & military safe material. Under this, what you can benefit both from stage effect and other invisible cost such as power consumption for moving heavy led cabinets.ect. While the another most useful for you may be its flexible splicing with other size CFC led cabinets so that you can build your stage as you wish.Different sizes fit for different stages needs.

Highlight 2: Side led screens (total 2 pcs which is also movable)

Maybe you will say, I only saw 2pcs side led screens above, why there are 4 here? Yes, what you are seeing is just those 2 which are divided into 4.And the 2 at each side can be moved right & left. These 2 screens also applied Lightlink CFC led screen but different size for flexible splicing on site. Can it be spliced with the main led screen? of course The answer is yes.That’s why you may need different size of such screen but what you should most pay attention to is their versatility. That would help you solve many problems and bring you much more inspiration for the stage design. As a side led screen, it’s flexible conversion can assist the main screen to build special space and stage arts to push your events to a new climax.

Highlight 3: Dance floor led screen in the middle of main stage

Beside the front shock to all the audiences, designers also did another elaborate design for the stage floor. Almost 183dance floor led screen was inlaid and covered the whole main stage. And in Lightlink, this dance floor led screen(LR-Plus series) is not just for dance floor only, it also can be showed for dual-purpose such as outdoor/indoor display to enrich your various using.While the most important is its stability. It’s a led screen that can allow people to walk/jump/crash on it and still work well.

Highlight 4: Folding led screen for lift platform

And do you think that’s all?No.

The lift platform is also another spot in this events.With the variety of stereoscopic effect video, Lightlink folding led screen covered the 4 side of the lift platform which can be folded with the platform’s up&down.It can greatly gather most eyes and complete your special show here.And of course this led screen also can be flexibly used in many other places for different shapes with different effects such as a circle/star,etc.

However, a stunning stage need stunning products to dig the design imagination. And in Lightlink you can always find a suitable one that fit your needs.


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