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#Lightlink LR-Plus led screen dazzling on 2018 League of Legends RIFT RIVALS

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Nowadays, more and more competitions like League of Legends RIFT RIVALS are using led screen to create an immersed scene atmosphere on site. In this May, #Lightlink just helped to accomplish a fierce competition of 2018 League of Legends RIFT RIVALS in Dalian stadium. The strong led screen(LR-Plus 3.8 & 4.8) from Lightlink on the whole stage showed its unique effect and brought a great visual feast to all the competitors and audiences.

The whole stage are all decorated with Lightlink LR-Plus series which can be used for multiple purposes such as indoor/outdoor/ dancing floor display. The hanging center one applied pixel pitch 3.9mm led screen, the dance floor one applied pixel pitch 4.8mm led screen which can load at least 1.5T/weight, total area 400sqm. In such stadium full with led display, you can greatly touch the match and experience an immersed game world at all.

PS: The competitors in the final match are from 12 teams of LPLLCKLMS. And after 4 days of competition, the RNG from LPL won the champion of this 2018 League of Legends RIFT RIVALS and become the real LOL king.


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