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Starting future intelligent journey by #Lightlink led screen on 2018 ABC SUMMIT

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    Featured with the theme of “Inception Leads Intelligent Revolution” , 2018 ABC SUMMIT was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) , On September 4th , 2018.


    The conference with intelligence and cutting-edge technology was successfully presented by #Lightlink 600㎡ led screens for public to enjoy an amazing intelligent feast, which attracts nearly 13,000 people on site. A total of 600m²LED screens (p4.9) were applied in the summit venue, all of which were provided by Lightlink. 


    In order to show a strong sense of technology on site, the main stage is packed into a much large screen, which is combined with the whole venue to constitute a deeply blue background, intending to present an exquisite and delicate picture, also a large & grand viewing angle. In addition, sided with the center of the venue , 2pcs small led screens were used to synchronize with broadcast in real time.




   In this 2018 ABC SUMMIT, #Lightlink not only presented a visual feast with advanced technology, but also set goal of intelligent revolution of product evolution. Let us witness the future of intelligence together!


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