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#Lightlink led display assisted another key international meeting - High-level Dialogue Between Chinese and African Leaders and Business Representatives Sixth Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs

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On September 3rd, a key international meeting of the high-level Dialogue between Chinese and African Leaders and Business Representatives Sixth Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs was held at the National Convention Center which equipped with Lightlink 2pcs screens, total 720sqm , for live broadcast.

    It is not the 1st time showing of Lightlink led display at such a grand and significant meeting in the international stage. On the opening ceremony, a large number of important national leaders attended it including President Xi Jinping. In addition, Almost 35 Africa leaders from the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum , representatives of well-known industrial and commercial China-Africa enterprises and representatives, SME, and the representatives of relevant international organizations and institutions also attended this opening ceremony.

   The successful opening of this international event not only further strengthening of China-Africa cooperation but also pursuit a new type of relationship of win-win . Meanwhile,President Xi Jinping addressed an significant speech entitled "Together to the Path of Prosperity", which has far-reaching implications. Luckily, #Lightlink has witnessed this solemn moment, presenting a wonderful image of great country through the form of excellent conference solutions programs.

    As a professional LED display provider, #Lightlink provided 2pcs screens, total 720sqm , for excellent presentation and sharing. At such a solemn and significant venue, to ensure this significant meeting go smoothly, there have many much strict requirements for led screens on site including its image spicing/signal stability/great refresh rate,etc. So it was not only a great honor but also a challenge for Lightlink. There is no doubt that the opening ceremony is a major diplomatic event. Therefore, A higher demand need to put forward for the showing level of the meeting.

    LR-SM series (P2.9) , which has won the favor of large-scale events with excellent display effect and unique intelligent design. Its wonderful color reproduction, smoothly live broadcasting as well as the wide viewing angle can satisfy the various needs of viewing effect in the conference room. It was not just further the cooperation between China and Africa in this grand event, also opened a new era between China and Africa cooperation. #Lightlink has the good fortune to participate and witness this significant moment and contribute efforts for our country!


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