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Stunning "Unlimited Love" night on Alibaba's Concert by #Lightlink CFC led display

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    The concert of Alibaba "Unlimited Love", whether its stage lighting or display effect, is a striking grand visual feast which built by #Lightlink carbon fiber led display (CFC series). Almost 500 sqm CFC led screens (p8.9) covered on site to present dazzling stage effect. Three circular LED screens of different diameters are nested with each other in the center of the stage, intending to show the new style of hurricane shape stage.

    In addition, #CFC product adopts double bottom design and can be disassembled from the back, which greatly reduces the difficulties of maintenance. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber material with aluminum alloy which makes cabinet(500*1000*70mm) splicing precision higher, also much lighter 8kg only and easier to install.The integrated power box can be disassembled independently so that maintenance can be more efficient, and makes the large-scale activities more secure!

    The“Unlimited Love”concert by Alibaba really made audiences feel a deep “surprising”. There are many super stars gathered at the scene, including Yi YangQianxi, Mayday, Zhang Xinzhe, Zhang Huimei, Cai Yilin and so on. So you can image how hot the atmosphere is on site. #Lightlink commits to further the career of research and development and updates product’s performance to enhance its competitiveness and utility  such as CFC series. This CFC cabinet applied a new type of material(carbon fiber) with high strength and this content up to 95%. Therefore, it can stand out more as its material, performance, applications, etc.

CFC series by #Lightlink, you worth it!


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