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#Lightlink classic LR-Pro led screen witnessed Ireland Fine Gael Purpose Progress session

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With the gradual mature of Lightlink international market, more and more Lightlink led screens start appearing on international meetings/sessions.And in this Sept., Lightlink LR-Pro led screen just witnessed another important session on Equality, Gender Pay Gap & Childcare of Ireland Fine Gael in Galway Bay Hotel.

  To ensure the speech of the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar successfully held on Fine Gael purpose progress, the session applied Lightlink classic LR-Pro 3.9mm led screen for HD displaying. Though the total area of this led screen is not such big only 20sqm, the years of experienced displaying histories proved that it is really a classic qualified product, also its advanced technology of partial improvement with the times. Just like their founding document said: look to the future, while rooted in the best traditions. Lightlink never gives up its rooted product, and always insists upgrading to the best one so Lightlink led screen quality has a solid basis to stand so long and great in this line.

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