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#Lightlink 1890㎡ floor screen illuminated 2018 opening ceremony of the 15th games of Hubei

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On the evening of October 8th, the opening ceremony of the 15th games of Hubei was held in Huangshi Olympic Sports Center.  #Lightlink 1890㎡ LED screen P4.8mm displayed an excellent fusion of the image and sound , which also created a traditional cultural feast. And I think this may be the biggest and most HD floor screen you have seen until now.

The matches was categorized as two in this year's Provincial Games: mass sports and youth sports , which include 77 major sports, 1307 little programs. Almost 16,000 people participated in it. And #Lightlink 1890㎡ huge floor screen covered with such large stage floor, played a much marvelous and grand effect to serve for its local Jing-Chu Culture. 


    Featuring dazzling image and brilliant colors, this led screen which used as floor here not only presented a splendid stage image but also a traditional cultural feast. And the ultra fine pixel pitch 4.8mm may be the most HD floor led screen you have seen. So, this product is just Lightlink LR-PLUS with much high versatility both for outdoor/indoor/floor.

    LR-plus series is a high standard product with strong universality. The cabinet adopted the professional aluminum die casting design, which can present high-end stage effect. Others, it has great weight loading: max 1.5T/cabinet.Besides, whether its IP65 waterproof degree or professional heat dissipation system is a strong guarantee for the whole activities.This is another large-scale sports games that Lightlink built after the 2018 Asian Games. And Lightlink will always adhere to its initial mind to show its professionals at anytime and to create one and another milestones.


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