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#Lightlink ultra accurate arc led display redefine the stage show through US Aveda Congress 2018

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    If you went to the famous Aveda Congress 2018 show some days ago in Minneapolis MN, USA, you may be not only deeply attracted by its technical and creative presentations, also the ultra HD led displays’ wonderful performance which made by #Lightlink high-end arc led display.

    In this global celebration (craft of hairdressing) of its 40th anniversary of Congress, the whole venue applied total 250sqm rental led displays by Lightink LR-PRO P2.6mm which can be flexibly built to straight / curved shape. Different from other curved splicing, Lightlink LR-PRO is with ultra accurate arc design by our newest arc adjustable double lock with gasket, easy and fast to come true the straight/ 0°/±2.5°/±5°shape. Besides,its various installations by hanging/stacking further enrich the stage creative design.All led screens you can see on site are made by Lightlink LR-PRO whatever by hanging / stacking.

    And through the UHD picture presented on led screen, you can also hardly see any splicing gap even on the curved one. Based on Lightlink high-end quality on color,refreshing rate and high grayscale, Lightlink bring the arc led screen in another higher level and redefine the arc led screen on stage by high flexibility/versatility.


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