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#Lightlink LR-Plus (P4.8 1000sqm) provide an outstanding TV show 40 Years of Songs collection

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  The famous TV show ,40 Years of Songs collection, was officially held in Beijing. As the screen provider for this TV show, Lightlink greatly recorded the deepest memory & classical songs in the past 40 years and  presented a stunning stage effect with professional product’s performance once again.

  If you were here, this evening, you would definitely appreciated this elegant showing from the #Lightlink LR-PLus series(total 1000sqm to build a grand stage for the live show, creating the high-definition picture quality so that ensure the perfect running of TV show .

  LR-plus, one of the hottest products from Lightlink this year, its  diversified features(indoor / outdoor / floor screen) are popular with all significant activities both in display effect and installations. What interests you probably is the LR-Plus series with high precision die-casting aluminum frame to achieve seamless splicing, which ensure the HD imagery on site. And the LR-Plus series featured with wide viewing angle, high gray scale, high contrast, high refresh rate (≥1920Hz) and efficient heat dissipation to ensure the event running smoothly so that perfectly fulfill the requirements of professional TV broadcasting.


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