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2018 ShangHai Prolight+Sound is underway by #Lightlink burning visual effect

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    On October 10th, 2018 Prolight + Sound Shanghai was grandly launched at Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC). 48,000 sqm exhibition venue was divided into four main halls, appealing more than 650 audio-visual equipment brands from local and abroad attended. About 12 kinds of major products were showed including lighting, audio, audio & video integration, conference system, public broadcasting, stage machinery, recording equipment, etc. 

    In this exhibition, you can also find another real stage simulation effect made by Lightlink LR-Pro 3.9mm led display from Shanghai Scenography Academy, and deeply touch Lightlink led display’s  charm. Total 200sqm LR-Pro 3.9mm surrounded to be a large box for their creative exhibition which also caught much eyes on site.

    Various industry brands from home and abroad gathered in Shanghai to present their own new products and high-end technology. At this exhibition, #Lightlink displayed its five top-ranking products at booth N4C01 (total exhibition area 80m²) through creative booth design and video effect, and attracted a large number of exhibitors’ attentions. Five popular products are as follows: universal LR-Plus(indoor/ outdoor/floor allowed), super rental LR-Pro series, intelligent display LR-SM, ultra-light carbon fiber series CFC and stunning LX-CR crystal screen series. The main screen, LR-Pro series, packed with LR-Plus series floor  screen to create a three-dimensional space for base construction, bringing a strong sense of unique artistic and technology delivered by the screen display. And the exhibition's hot atmosphere on site is beyond your imagination.

   Besides, What the most exciting things is that the exhibition only started for two days, and a total of 470sqm screens provided by #Lightlink has been sold on site. The facts above not only fully proved that the quality of Lightlink’s professional is reliable, also inspired Lightlink team to strive for further continuous success. At the mean time, Lightlink also arranged our professional technical team for further consultation on site and our sales team for business negotiation. Welcome your coming at any time!



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