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#Lightlink led display(P2.9mm&P4.8mm) for the biggest trade show(GITEX) in Mid-east

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At the biggest fair(GITEX) that just ended in Dubai, 2 key booths were applied Lightlink rental led display for its high-end show presentation. As the most high-end technical exhibition, also the most representative one in Dubai,these 2 booths chose Lightlink 2 kinds of experienced & super products (indoor LR-Pro arc P2.9mm, and outdoor LR-Plus P4.8mm) for their unique exhibition.

Booth 1 with indoor LR-Pro arc 2.9mm

Booth 2 with outdoor LR-Plus 4.8mm

Featured with high versatility of these 2 products, they can be built to different shape as your booth design. The flexible angles adjustment with  0°,±5°,±10°of LR-Pro arc can come true the max concave 20° and convex 20°easily as your original booth design. And its totally  modularized cabinet design is always Lightlink basic requirements for rental led display these years to keep its quality stable and better, also easy for quick installing/dismantle.

And for booth 2 which was built by Lightlink LR-Plus 4.8mm, not only can be used like the photo, but also both for outdoor/floor.As a much powerful product, its weight loading is rather excellent with max 1.5T/cabinet. Besides, great waterproof IP65 and professional design of heat output channel make it qualified for withstanding rain and heat dissipation.

The two products introduced above are a new revolutionary idea, it brings a totally new perspective on rental assembly and is renowned as it’s excellent performance.Due to simply and clearly design concept, you are able to create a special stage solution. 


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