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#Lightink huge 1,680m² CFC led display built an unparalleled & ultra lightweight stage for 2018 #EDC in Zhuhai

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2018 Electric Daisy CarnivalEDCone of the world's three major electronic music festivals, was held in zhuhai. The extremely gorgeous stage which has been the most well-received in the past 21+ years was decorated and lightened up by #Lightink 1,680m² ultra-light CFC led display(P8.9). The hottest live music and the world's most stunning main stage which adopted the original stage(with Gaia’s statue,the mother of the Earth) , has attracted thousands of viewers’ attentions.

Based on its ultra-light carbon fiber cabinet(8kg ONLY with 500*1000mm big cabinet, carbon fiber material ≥95% ), the CFC series(P8.9) provided by Lightlink greatly met such huge stage’s weight loading requirements and efficient installation, also enhanced the stage’s security further. In addition, another main stage also applied Lightlink CFC led display which was used in the alphabets for special creative showing. Featuring with the characteristics of high refresh, high contrast, super stable performance, it has excellent stage performance. 

It is worth mentioning that the EDC also added a square super electric sound room, which composed of 600sqm LM-pro series( outdoor P4.8mm) from Lightlink. That excellently built a huge 3D displaying effect.

This magnificent result is the collaboration of all Lightlink talented team members. Lightlink shows its ultra professionals on creative stage solution, and makes Lightlink’s brand be known by more and more customers .


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