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400sqm #Lightlink outdoor LR-Plus #led display built the most shinning film festival - the 1st Hainan Island International Film Festival

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  In the closing ceremony of the 1st Hainan Island International Film Festival, the elegant stage effect made by #Lightlink has become the focus of the scene once again .This shinning stage was decorated with almost 400sqm #Lightlink outdoor led display (LR-Plus series), which is a high versatile product both for indoor/outdoor/floor application.

  What amazed that was the the entire waved-shape stage, combining with #Lightlink led display to present an ultra layered imagery. And under the changes of lighting and shadows in the open air, Lightlink LR-Plus products played an excellent performance on brightness, wide viewing angle, high gray scale, high contrast, and efficient heat dissipation. In view of the strong sense of layering on stage , uncertain outdoor conditions, and the lighting complexity of the stage effect, so its streamlined curved edges of creative stage were requested more stringent for splicing to completely fulfil the needs of higher brightness, clarity and uniformity.

  As the one of the hottest products, LR-Plus series has the high versatility performance of indoor/outdoor/floor , which also has the perfect display effect . the LR-Plus series(IP65 rating/ refresh rate ≥1920), designed and engineered for enhanced view ability&versatility, has excellent live performance , even though the complex lighting conditions,which still has maintain perfect performance of definition, brightness and uniformity.


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