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#Lightlink 153㎡ huge curved led screen witnessed another international high-end conference - Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore

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  The inaugural event of Bloomberg New Economy Forum was held in Singapore from November 6th to 7th, 2018, aiming at exploring feasible solutions to solve important global issues and complex challenges. On the spot, #Lightlink provided a super huge curved screen (Arc length 34m, height 4.5m). which almost covered the half of the whole conference hall, and brought a multiple viewing angles to all the attendees as its much wide angles, stronger sense of integration of technology and art. 

  Lightlink LR-Pro arc series is with 9 angles(±20°, ±15°,±10°,±5°,0°) and suitable for different shape building such as inner arc/outer arc / S shape, to satisfy the various angle requirements flexibly basic on conference’s real needs.Now most large conferences with thousands of display demands for unified communication and collaboration, display,video, control, digital signage, Security, and live events. While curved led screen broke this traditional displaying way. It can maximum broaden audience’s viewing not only from one side, also two or three side, even more, to present perfectly. And its highest coverage rate can up to 360°, achieving  good communication purposes.

  At this grand event, Chinese representative also vice president ,Wang Qishan attended the opening ceremony of this 2018 New Economy Forum and did a significant speech entitled “formalized the trend, reform and innovation, and common development”. As an experienced large international conferences display providers, Lightlink showed its excellent professionals once again.


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