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Witness the KING of Gun by 1,940㎡ #Lightlink led display - The 2nd USIP WORLD POLICE SERVICE PISTOL SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIP 2018

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After the led display official supplier of 2018 Asian Game this year, #Lightlink just completed another big case in international sport filed - the 2nd USIP world police service pistol shooting championship 2018 Guangdong,China which applied almost 1,940㎡ led displays for its opening ceremony. And these led displays are all made by Lightlink super versatile product LR-Plus series P4.8mm. 

It is not the 1st time of Chinese police hosting such international police union sports. With such rich experiences, finally they chose Lightlink LR-Plus P4.8mm led screen to start their almost 1.5h opening ceremony as the 1st gun. And on this mighty stage, Lightlink led display was divided in 3 parts for the real excellent presentation: 1pc W40m×H13m led screen for main performance, 2pcs W20m×H13m led screens aside the main one for assistance, and the other largest one W30m×H30m which was installed as floor on site special for effect creating. What’s amazing that the whole installation was finished in 3 days only, and for all these, you just need only 1 type product from Lightlink.

In such mighty performance and themed of “heroes show great power”, the whole stage must have strong ability of standing powerful impact from the polices’ professional performance, especially for such large stage made by led display with such simplified & convenient solution, also fast installation in such short time. Less companies can do that but Lightlink can. With its almost 9+ experiences on rental led display, its products passed years of practical tests and become better and better to explore more further fields such as strong versatility / high security / high-end quality. That can greatly improve products’ performance and simplify the solution / operation to save more cost on many aspects. 

And to be the watchful protectors for each event, Lightlink never ends its step and always keep exploring.


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