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Lightlink Ready to Meet You at Orlando while You Are Searching for A Professional LED Screen Supplier

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These days, Gaokao became a hot topic and spreading on Twitter and Wechat. Oh I’m sorry, almost forgot it. Wish all the students can get a nice grade and have a bright future.


In the early summer of June, there will be an audio-visual feast launches in Orange County Convention Center. That is InfoComm 2017. The hot atmosphere on it will no less than Gaokao.


From 14th to 17th, InfoComm 2017, a top system integration exhibition in North America, will be held in Orlando, the United States. The A/V technologies, system integration solutions, and innovative products on it were widely used in different fields such as entertainment, transportation, security, architecture, education, companies and governments. Around 40 thousand audiences and experts in different industry will attend this exhibition to do some communication and discussion.


LIGHTLINK has already put this event on their annual overseas exhibition schedule.

It is known that there will be three types of products display on the LIGHTLINK booth. They are CF 3.9,EL 3.47and LR-PLUS 3.9.


We notice that LR-PLUS, “the multi-functional screen”, will continue to show on the exhibition as the hottest product. Well it happened to meet the focus of this exhibition: With the maturity of technology, how to make good use of the technological resources we have and find out more novel solutions.


LR-PLUS is such a wonderful LED screen that can maximize the value of product. Its matchless universality is expressed in some specific ways: It can be used as a indoor / outdoor screen and a floor tile screen. And it can also be assembled with LM-PRO or customize arc screen in accordance with your demand. So that the equipment cost will be saved, and the utilization ratio of equipment will be improved. It offers a novel solution for the clients in different needs of different occasions.


LR-PLUS comes from the innovation of LIGHTLINK. And the excellent design make its unique quality: the cabinet adopting the professional die-casting aluminum design, the minimum pitch of 3.9mm can meet the requirements of stage for high-definition picture, which to show the stage style perfectly; the heat output channel design makes its powerful cooling performance. All of these achieve a stable video signal playback and become a strong guarantee to run the activities.


More than 300 seminars and industry meetings will also be held during this exhibition. These activities will analyze the industry development trend and challenges by multiple perspectives which can make you learn a lot.


Looking forward to meeting you on 1081(booth NO.)


Exhibition Address: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, the United States


Exhibition Time: June 14th 2017 ~ June 17th 2017


Booth NO: 1081


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