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2017 InfoComm LIGHTLINK LR-Plus attracts you with its nice appearance and wonderful performance.

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Maybe you cannot understand how unfairly people treat the ugly ones. But you must heard about that the customers are really picky about the performance of the LED screen. Well, there is a LED screen with nice appearance and wonderful performance on 2017 InfoComm. It is LIGHTLINK LR-Plus.


LR-Plus as a new product released by LIGHTLINK in 2017 has the unique  omnipotency which makes it in the first level of the LED screen industry. Since its release, It has won great acclaim from the insiders and customers. So LIGHTLINK decided to exhibit it as the major product on 2017 InfoComm which was held on 14th June.


From the picture we can see that there are two LED screens hanging on the two sides of the booth. They are LIGHTLINK LR-Plus P3.9 for outdoor using. Their size are both 2*3.5m. It can play high definition and delicate images and meet the customers’ demand of HD display and brightness.


The audience:”Hold on, there seems to be another rectangular LED screen installed next to the LR-Plus. How come?

LIGHTLINK:”Good question! This is what I am going to say: LR-Plus can installed with another LIGHTLINK product——LM-Pro(500*1000).


People who are familiar with LIGHTLINK products may know that LM-Pro is an excellent LED screen with a lot good performances like high precision, low-power consumption and easy for dismounting and maintenance. Its operation temperature is -30℃~60℃. Besides, two different designs of straight edge or beveled edge, can make it possible to be used to create a curved screen.


LIGHLINK designed LR-Plus with the same module and connection ways as LR-Pro. So when it is equipped with arc lock, it can be also installed as an arc screen like LM-Pro. These practical functions greatly enhance the operability of the program.


Well, we describe it with omnipotent. So it must have some other functions. At the center of the booth, there is a LED dance floor(3*2.5m)installed with lead rail. That is also built by LR-Plus. We cannot deny that it still has excellent performance when using as a floor screen. About the faceplate, there are two options for customers: black mirror or transparent.


Right now, the 2017 InfoComm is undertaking! Here are the pictures sent from the scene.


Please come and consult at our booth.


Exhibition Address: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, the United States


Exhibition Time: June 14th 2017 ~ June 16th 2017


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