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The Trend of The Times, LED Display Has a Bright Future

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With the rapid development of other areas such as Smart Home, Internet of Things and VR / AR applications, LED display industry gets a great chance to improve its influence.

LED display to lead the outdoor media market a new image

Nowadays LED display has become more and more frequent in our field of vision. It has gradually replaced the traditional advertising like billboards, light boxes, etc as a much-anticipated new force in outdoor advertising media market.

The LED display products have the obvious trend from the first-tier cities expand to the second and third tier cities. It was widely used in the bustling streets, stations, shopping malls, landmarks and the activity centers, etc. It was noticing that in 2016, the small pitch market presents a fiery scene, and it has the trend to outdoor applications. Like the new light pole screen, through the lighting, Internet, screen monitoring, information release and other technology systems, it constitute the wisdom street lighting system, it caught the medias attention in the smart city construction. It can be imaging that with the construction of the wisdom traffic system, we will see the great convenience that the light pole screen system which gathered the advertisements, major emergencies, travel information and other information bring to us. It caused by outdoor media revolution, the market space is huge.

There is a giant room for the improvement of rental LED screen market.

The rental LED screen is developing with the contribution from the assembling and dismounting features of LED screen, which is the partisan troopsin LED screen industry. The characteristic of rental LED screen module is easy to dismount. It can assemble to various display modes and has higher customization, which can present amazing audiovisual effect together with other equipments.

As the key device to theatrics and with the fast development of culture, recreation and sport industries, the rental LED screen market grows fast. However, the market is lack of quality. The collapse of rental LED screen appeared in succession in 2016 exposed the disadvantages of rental market.

Generally, With the impact from the development of culture, recreation and sport industries, the rental LED screen market will grows further in the future. Narrow pixel pitch LED screen becomes more popular, which makes the higher level rental LED screen can meet the need of better stage presentation.

Indoor display market got a bright spring

At present, P3, P4 has become the mainstream of the indoor LED screen model. And a variety of narrow pixel pitch LED screen (P2.5) products have rushed into the market. Its display has reached 4K effect. And some of the LED TV has been put on to the high-end market. At the same time, the major manufacturers of LED also expand their scale of production , the future of large-scale LED display is worth looking forward to.

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