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Product type: CF3

Pixel pitch:3.9mm


Cabinet material: carbon fiber

Delicate Appearance

Useing corrugated absorber mask technology,less reflection.Even in the bright environment,the screen still clearly visible.

High contrast,high refresh rate,without any delay and smear phenomenon in the playback.

Made of new carbon fiber materials, with characteristics of high-strength, ultra-light and ultra-thin,cabinet weight only 3.5KG.

Fast, flexible positioning and installation, can effectively respond to different application areas.

Inclined 45 °angle design, shaped installation, rectangular stitching,suit for creative design.

Carbon fiber panels plus ultra-thin cabinet thick only 10mm,achieve high-definition screen.

Parameters Value
Product type CF3
Pixel pitch(mm) 3.9
Pixel configuration SMD2020(Black LED)
Module size(mm) 250×250
Cabinet size(W*H*D mm) 500×500×45
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡) 65,536
Brightness(cd/㎡) 1000≤&≤1300
Cabinet Material Carbon Fiber
Cabinet weight(kg) ≈3kg
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Input voltage(Nominal)(V) 220V(110/110-220)


 Products of  CF series, mainly used in  stage rental, television, theater, hotel

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