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Product type:LR-PLUS

Pixel pitch:3.9mm/4.8mm/5.9mm/8.9mm


Cabinet material:Die Cast Aluminum

More convenient maintenance

Upgrade the design for module disassembly 

(better than LR-Pro)

Don’t need open the back cover

Replace the module directly

Parameters Indoor Outdoor
Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.9 3.9 4.8 5.9 8.9
LED type SMD 2121 SMD 1921 SMD 1921 3 IN 1 SMD 1921 SMD 2525-in-1
Pixel per Module(Pixels/㎡) 65,536 65,536 43,264 28,235 12,544
Module Size(mm) 500*125 500*125 500*125 500*125 500*125
Brightness(cd/㎡) 1000 3000/5500 3000/5500 3000/5500 3000
Viewing Angle(H/V) H:140/V:100 H:140/V:100 H:140/V:100 H:140/V:100 H:140/V:100
Cabinet size(mm*mm) 500*500*65 500*500*65 500*500*65 500*500*65 500*1000*65
Cabinet Weight(kg) ≈7.2kg ≈7.5kg ≈7.5kg ≈7.5kg ≈7.5kg
Display Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥1,920 ≥1,920 ≥1,920 ≥1,920 ≥1,920
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Input Voltage(Nomina)(V) AC110,220,110-240 AC110,220,110-240 AC110,220,110-240 AC110,220,110-240 AC110,220,110-240
Input Power(Max)(W/㎡) ≈600 ≈600 ≈600 ≈600 ≈600
Input Power(Aveerage)(W/㎡) ≈300 ≈300 ≈300 ≈300 ≈300
Lifepan(H) ≥50,000 ≥50,000 ≥50,000 ≥50,000 ≥50,000

Maximum angle:10°per side

Curved lock

Curved screen


Waterproof test

Meet the standard for using as LED dance floor or outdoor LED screen.

Waterproof Rate:IP65

protect the screen out of accidentally spilled drinks and rain

Excellent heat dispersion

Professional design of heat output channel

Make sure the heat can be discharged quickly and effectively



LR-Plus can meet your different demands

indoor/outdoor/ LED dance floor/LED curved screen

Starting from the 21st Century, LED screen gradually became a necessary equipment

of stagedesign.Nowadays it is widely used in different ways and appeared in different

positions. Not only used  for background decoration but also used as the stage floor.

As is known to us all that constant innovation is the key to stay competitive in this industry.

With an industry-leading R&D team, we create LR-Plus which used by high standard and

 perfect design.

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