Everyday these amazing things happens all over the world…

2017 LDI (Live Design), the world's leading stage lighting audio technology exhibition, was held in Las Vegas Convention Center from Nov 17th to 19th.
In 6th of February, ISE go into full operation in RAI exhibition Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISE , Integrated System Europe, as the most professional and comprehensive exhibition, attracts a large amount of people. In this year ISE, there are more than 1200 companies from 45 countries.
Recently there is a word, active in major business news media, that is, "herd effect." The so-called "herding effect", also called a colony effect, is a phenomenon in which individuals' attitudes or behaviors change in a direction consistent with the majority due to the influence or pressure of grou…
With the rapid development of other areas such as Smart Home, Internet of Things and VR / AR applications, LED display industry gets a great chance to improve its influence.

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